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Life is too short for coffee that's just okay.

Savoring great coffee is a click away.

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All beans are

Direct Trade
Speciality Grade
Roasted Upon Ordering 

Experience the difference of good coffee, freshly roasted.

Red 5 Coffee only roasts beans that are as directly from the source as possible.  You are the 4th person to touch these beans.  They go from the farmer, to the importer, to me, and finally to you.  You can easily taste the difference between these beans and those you will find on the shelf at any chain or big-box kind of store.  

Check out the beans

La Estrella Icon.png

La Estrella beans are grown by Luz Meri Quispe Diaz in the Jaen province of Peru above 1900 meters.

Chininin Icon.png

Chininin beans are grown by Nicolas Calle Chininin in the San Jose de Lourdes area of Peru at 1845 meters.

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Beans Logo Red1.png

I'm just a guy who loves coffee and is trying to pay off my student loans.

Seriously.  100% of my profits go to my students loans and a certain 5 year old who spends her days dressing up like Frozen characters when she's not doing her virtual school work.

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